USA Football sets the standard in high school team-based 7on7 events that support the high school coach’s leadership role to develop and strengthen his players and program. All teams competing in USA Football’s 7on7 program are school-based, fostering better opportunities for high school coaches to prepare their teams for the upcoming season in a unifying atmosphere. Coaches may use the same offensive and defensive philosophies, formations and playbooks employed during the regular season.

USA Football Regional 7on7 events are open to all high school classifications and grade levels, each featuring at least 32 teams and offer both pool and bracket play, Regional champions are invited to compete against top programs from across the country at one of four USA Football 7on7 National Championship Series events. USA Football 7on7’s school-based structure also gives high school coaches more opportunities to determine their team’s strengths and areas for improvement before the traditional football season begins.

Supporting and protecting high school coaches and their student-athletes are top priorities. We’re as concerned as many leaders across college and high school football regarding 7on7’s direction away from the scholastic coach and we’re doing something about it. A school-based structure delivers an exciting and healthier experience for student-athletes, coaches, our schools and the sport.

Scott Hallenbeck,USA Football CEO and Executive Director

USA Football 7on7 Tournament Format:

  • 21 minute games with a 20-minute running clock.
  • Offensive play begins on the +40, going in.
  • Teams have 3 plays to obtain a first down by crossing the 25 & 10 yard line.
  • Interceptions are worth 3 points. No points awarded for an INT during PAT.
  • Defensive stops are worth 2 points.
  • Touchdowns are 6 points. PAT’s during pool play are from the 5 yard line.
  • 2-point conversions from the 10-yard line in bracket play only. No 2-point conversions in pool play.
  • Portable scoreboards with time and score visible for all games.
  • Separate 4-second timers and clock operators on each field.
  • Quality fields and great venues.
  • Mobile app provides schedule and score updates.
  • Medical coverage and participant accident insurance.
  • Athletes required to wear helmets and mouth guards.
  • Administration of tournament by USA Football
  • (2) Certified high school officials on each field.


USA Football partners with area hotels to provide teams with discounted hotel opportunities. Upon registering for the USA Football 7on7 Tournaments, USA Football will provide partner hotel information for participating teams.

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Brandon Sheppard, Director, USA Football 7on7
Email: | Phone: 317-983-7381

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